Fritz walking cane, Fritz walking Stick

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Fritz walking cane, Fritz walking Stick, The Fritz Classic Walking Cane handle was developed in the 16th century by a German count to achieve a more stable and natural feeling walking cane.

Fritz walking cane, Fritz walking Stick, Fritz handle was first designed by a German physician for arthritis patients in the 16th century. These canes became extremely popular over a period, as they offered both comfort and style.

Fritz walking cane, These canes are designed in such a way that the user's weight is directed mostly on to the shaft. This ensures minimal need to ground the cane with great effort, ensuring the user gets more support and stability without exerting hard. Its open-ended handle are made for better grip as it provides you additional space for your hands and fingers. Arthritis patients can prevent their fingers from getting cramped while holding the cane. Shafts are made from lightweight, top quality and strong hardwoods.